The ECD Digital Title is a digital representation of ownership for one of our revolutionary residential energy devices that is capable of generating sufficient energy for a standard household.



ECD Digital Title Benefits

The ECD Digital Title provides true ownership of an ECD Device

A True Digital Title

Digital Titles (DTT) are a new category of ERC-20 Assets.


A title supported by the Ethereum wallet including any compatible hardware wallet

Limited supply

Only 400,000 ECD titles are created.

Fixed price

For a contribution of $100 during the reward-based campaign you will receive the Digital Title.


ECD Digital Title

ECD Energy Corp has a patent pending for a new type of energy device like none before it. The company calls it a “Electro-kinetic Combination Drive” (ECD).

Instead of drawing from institutional investors or venture capital and giving up full control of our great invention, we chose to take a different road to fund our start-up. We view our invention as a true gift to we the people that will revolutionize and set a new paradigm for the energy industry.

Our solution is a reward-based crowd-funding campaign that will grant the "We the People" backers a right of ownership to our first residential devices manufactured. Reward-based crowd-funding is a type of small business financing in which a company takes financial contributions from individuals in return for a to-be-manufactured product.

In the ECD Energy Corp "We the People" rewards campaign, the purchaser of a ECD Digital Title will receive one of our revolutionary residential energy devices once manufactured. This campaign is designed to provide a one-time opportunity for the common person who may not otherwise be able to purchase one of our devices.

ECD Crowdfund

Contribution Terms
  • Token Name

    ECD Digital Title (ECD)

  • Total Supply

    400,000 ECD

  • Supported Currencies

    USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC,XRP, Doge, Decred

  • Min purchase

    0.15 ECD

  • Starts On

    10-10-2020 10:00:00

1 ECD = $100

ECD Digital Title Distribution

A Digital Title of Ownership

The ECD Digital Title is a digital representation of a title of ownership of one of our soon to be produced ECD Devices.

A true ERC-20 title

ECD Digital Title is issued based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Thus, the title can be easily held in any common Ethereum wallet such as MEW, including any compatible hardware wallet.

Limited supply

Only 400,000 ECD titles are created to support the company in the development and startup phase. No further ECD titles will be issued.

Fixed price of $100

The introductory price of a $100 during the digital Title Offering (DTO) entitles you the ownership of one standard ECD device, currently valued at least $3000 retail price.

A True Digital Title

These are the first of a kind! Digital Titles Tokens (DTT) provide a true title of ownership of certain products or services. The owner of such a Title holds a true claim of ownership on that specific product or service. The company guarantees that the holder is entitled to a newly produced standard ECD Device.



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